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Loaner & Rental Parts for Mazda B2000 B2200 B2600 Trucks

Mazda B2600i.com Rescue Kit
Rental Parts & Tools to Get Your Truck Running Again!

Having trouble troubleshooting your truck? 
Want to change a part and see if it works?
The parts store won't allow returns on electrical parts? 

We've got the solution: The Rescue Kit

Choose which parts and tools you'd like to rent, pay the rental fee and security deposit, and your parts will be on the way.  Our base rental period is 5 days (does not include the day you receive it, or ship it back.)  Need more time?  No problem.  Just keep them for an additional term and we'll deduct the additional rental fees from your security deposit.  If you are ready to rent some parts or tools, just email or call with the items you want, and we'll send a PayPal invoice to you via email.

There will be a flat rate $20 Shipping charge to the lower 48 states that will cover shipping/handling/insurance.  Return Shipping & Insurance will be the responsibility of the renter.  If you are buying an ECM or other part, you can expect a reduced shipping rate.  There will still be a small fee to cover the insurance.

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  Part / Tool Rate Security Deposit Total
Due at Rental

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Mass Ari Flow Sensor / Meter for B2600i p/n G60113215R0A  Mass Air Flow Meter 
90-93 B2600i
Mazda p/n:G60113215R0A
B2600i 89-93
B2200 (FI) 89-93
$10  $125  $135 
Ignition Coil for Mazda B2600i  Ignition Coil, Module, & Condenser 
B2600i 90-93
B2200 (FI) 90-93

$10 $90 $100
Throttle Position Sensor  Throttle Position Sensor 

Mazda p/n: G61013SL0
$5  $90 $100
Coolant Temperature Sensor  Intake Air Charge Temperature Sensor
(Coming Soon)
$2  $20 $22    
Air Charge Temperature Sensor  Coolant Temperature Sensor  $2 $20 $22    
Oxygen Sensor  Oxygen Sensor $5  $65 $70    
Fuel Pressure Regulator Fuel Pressure Regulator
$5 $70 $75    
Idle Air Control Valve (IAC / ISC)  Idle Air Control Valve 
(Coming Soon)

Volt - Ohm Meter Volt Ohm Meter
(Free with other tool rental)
$25 $25    
Compression Tester  Compression Tester 
$8 $60 $68    
Inline Ignition Spark Tester  Inline Ignition Spark Tester
$2 $20 $22    
Exhaust Back Pressure Tester Exhaust Backpressure Tester $5 $50 $55    
Fuel Pressure Tester  Fuel Pressure Tester   
$5 $65 $70