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Platinum-Cast Powered Coating
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  Mazda B2600i Powder Coated Valve Cover

Valve Covers
Want to dress up your engine bay?  What better way than adding a beautiful, yet durable, powder coated valve cover?  We have collected a small inventory of valve covers and have them coated in a "Platinum-Cast" silver.  This finish is very close to the silver finish of your valve cover when it left Hiroshima - only more brilliant.  It has been clear  coated with a low-gloss satin finish for extra protection and durability.

After 20+ years of service, most B series truck wipers have begun to rust.  While you can get out the sandpaper and elbow grease, and buy a can of Rustoleum, our powder coated OEM wiper arms will provide an attractive and extremely durable finish that will last for years with no elbow grease required - only the click of a mouse.

Battery Trays
Have you looked at your battery tray lately?  Unless you live in the desert, chances are that your battery tray and supporting brackets have significant rust from humidity, salt air, and battery acid.  You can spend of lot of effort trying to get rid of the rust, but chances are, it will be back.  Our battery trays have been sand blasted to remove all the rust.  Then they are powder coated to provide years of rust-free life.
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B2000 B2200 Powder Coated Valve Cover

 B2200 B2000 "Platinum-Cast" Powder Coated Valve Cover

Mazda B2600i Powder Coated Valve Cover

90-93 B2600i "Platinum-Cast" Powder Coated Valve Cover & Intake Pipe

Mazda B2000 B2200 B2600 Winshield Wiper Arms 

86-93 Powder Coated Windshield Wipers


89-93 B2600i "Platinum-Cast"
Powder Coated Intake Manifold


86-93 Powder Coated Thermostat Housing


Battery Trays