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TB2600i G6 Engine with New Head


This is a B2600i engine that we recently took in from a 91 B2600i 4x4 parts truck.  The engine had a crack head.  We replaced the head with brand new casting head that is beefier and less suseptable to cracking than the OEM heads.  It came with new valves, springs, seals, guides, and seats.  We did not do any work on the bottom end.  The truck runs smooth, strong, and cool with a new water pump.  It does smoke a bit on hard acceleration. 

The price below is for the assembled block and head only.  The Intake, fuel injection system, and other components are available separately.  Let us know if you need any other components and we'll make you a package deal.


  We prefer local pick up but can arrange delivery within South Florida.
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