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American Racing Wheels "Atlas" 15x8 6 Bolt 5.5" spacing Light Gray Door Panel Mazda B2000 B2200 B2600i
American Racing 15x8 B2600i Engine Tan Rear Wall Capet / B Pillars Light Gray Door Panels 31" Tires on 15" Wheels

New & Used Truck Parts for the B2600i, B2200, & B2000

About Our Parts
Welcome to the B2600i parts home page.  Although we do occasionally have some new parts, the majority are used parts that we have harvest from salvage trucks.  Once harvested, we inspect parts for damage or defects.  Then we clean them and recondition them as needed.  We test mechanical parts like solenoids, switches, dimmers, speedometers, and the likes to make sure they are operating properly.  Once all of these steps have been completed, our parts are photographed and listed for sale.

Cant' Find a Part?  Give Us a Call
If usually takes us several weeks from the time we buy a parts truck until the time we get the parts harvested and listed for sale.  So if there is a part you are looking for but don't see, send us an email or give us a call; we might have it.  In fact, we sell a lot of parts that are never listed for sale because somebody asks us for before we can get it listed. 

What's On Your Shopping List?  
If we don't have it, there is a good chance we can find it for you.  Just let us know what you're looking for and we'll try to locate it for you.  We have a network of Mazda parts enthusiast that can frequently locate hard to find parts.

Also, be sure to check out our "Junk Draw" in the interior section.  We usually have lots of miscellaneous fasteners, screws, and clips that occasionally break or mysteriously disappear when working on trucks.

Non-Mazda Parts & 4Runners
We've also added a Miscellaneous section for non-Mazda parts. Our most recent addition there is a large assortment of of interior door panels, trim, and switches for Toyota 4Runners and trucks as well as two complete 4Runners. 

Coming Soon!

3 Spoke Metal Steering Wheel 5 Spoke White Wheels
3 Spoke Vinyl Steering Wheel Power Steering System
3 Spoke Tan Steering Wheel 31.5" Tires/15" Wheels
B2600i Eng w/ New Head Tan Acura Integra Seats
B2600i 4x4 Transmission 2wd Driveshaft
B2600I 4x4 Front & Rear Diff Sliding Rear Window
B2600i  Front & Rear Driveshafts Non-Sliding Rr Window
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4Runners & Non-Mazda Parts

Light Gray Door Panel Mazda B2000 B2200 B2600i     AC Heat Selector Control Panel B2000 B2200 B2600i