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1993 B2200 & B2600i Fuel Injectors


Fuel Injectors
Using stethoscope, listen for normal clicking sound at each injector during idle and acceleration. If clicking sound is not heard, check injector wiring circuit, or main relay and circuit.


Fuel Injector Resistance
Disconnect fuel injector electrical connector. Using ohmmeter, measure resistance between injector terminals. Resistance should be 12-16 ohms. Replace injector as necessary.

Injector Fuel Leakage
1) Relieve fuel system pressure. See F - BASIC TESTING ARTICLE. Remove air valve or dynamic chamber as necessary. Remove delivery pipe with hoses still connected. Remove fuel injectors. Using wire, secure injectors tightly onto delivery pipe.

CAUTION: Ensure injectors are securely tied to delivery pipe. If injectors are not properly secured to delivery pipe, fuel may spray from loose connections.

2) On B2200, B2600i and MPV, install a jumper wire between terminals of Yellow fuel pump check connector. Fuel pump check connector is located on firewall, under windshield wiper motor.

3) Turn ignition on for 10 seconds. Turn ignition off, and clean injector nozzles. On 4-cylinder models, tilt injectors about 60 degrees. On all models, turn ignition on. Ensure no fuel leakage exists at injectors. After one minute, a single drop of fuel is acceptable. If fuel leakage is present, replace faulty injector.