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  The Swappers

  B2200 w/ 12 Valve Head    

From the YouTube page:
This is the 1st ever carbureted 12 valve (Japan spec) head and front housing (distributor in front) with intake manifold from Finland. Mazda made all these parts available but not all in one set. The front housing and head only came in fuel injected models. My head was from a Japanese 929 and my front housing off of a bongo van which allows for a stock location distributor. The intake manifold was from a 1992 Mazda Capella (626) for Norway, Finland and Swedish market, with the distributor housing in rear of block. I just had my 2.2 short block decked, bored and honed, then I bought new pistons with four valve reliefs in them. Had the head checked and shaved a bit. Then I just put all the parts together to make this simple but unique 12 valve Mazda engine. Much better than the 8 valve stock engine that came in these trucks. In this clip, you can hear my bad starter whining before the engine starts. The sound from my little cannon camera does not do it justice. The exhaust sounds pretty lame. it does not sound that farty in real life.

  Turbo Rotary B2000    
  V-8 B2000    
  B2000 (Ute) vs Motorcycle Drag Race    
  B2000 350 Drag Race    
  B2600 4x4 with Chevy 350    
  B2600i Tubo-Diesel Swap    
  B2600 4x4 JDM Engine Swap