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B-Tube Mazda B-Series Truck Videos

Mazda B-Series
Truck Videos from YouTube

  Sakes Alive!
What would a Mazda video page be without some classic B-Series Commercials?  These were just a few that we found on YouTube.  Remember the good ole days of $5,795?

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  Warning: B2600i.com is not responsible if you get the "Sakes Alive!" jingle stuck in your head.  Please watch carefully.

  Not a Lot of Money    
  I've Got a Mate!    
  Bs in Thailand    
  Ute - Down Under - 1983    
  1983: $5,995    
  They're Coming!  1986    
  1986: The Rockford Files    
  SE-5 Plus + 7    
  1987 Mazda 4x4:
You Don't Have to be Rough to be Tough!
  1989: The Mazda Truck Challenge    
  The Next Generation: B3000 / B4000    
  The Samuri