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How to Remove the Steering Wheel on the Mazda B-Series Trucks
December 1, 2012






Removing the Steering Wheel on the B2600i



Upgrading the steering wheel on your Mazda Truck?  Found a tilt steering column on eBay?  Need to replace the combination switch (headlight, parking light, turn signal lights) because yours is broken.  If so, then you'll need to remove the steering wheel first.  It's easier than you think but might require a steering wheel puller or gear puller - usually found at your local auto-parts store like Advance Auto Parts, Autozone.  You can also find them online at Amazon.com and eBay - two of my favorite sources for tools.

  1. Position the Steering Wheel
    Before you get started, the first thing you'll want to do is note the position of the steering wheel so we can put it back on the same way. The easiest way to do this is to park the truck with the steering wheel pointed perfectly straight. That way, you can simply reinstall it perfectly straight. If the truck wasn't parked with the wheel straight and you are not able to position the wheel, then you'll want to index the back of the steering wheel cover against the control column bezel. Then you'll have a reference when it's time to reinstall it.

  2. Disable the Horn
    Mazda Truck Fuse Panel - Stop Light CircuitIf you don't have any neighbors that your concerned about bothering, then you can skip this step.  But if you want to keep a little piece and quiet in the process, then you'll want to remove power from the horn.  There are two ways to do it:
         Pull the "Stop" fuse (on most trucks)
         Disconnect the negative battery cable.

  3. Remove Center Wheel Cover
    B2600i Steering Wheel Center Cap / Horn ButtomOn the three spoke steering wheel shown below, you can just simply peel the cover off.  On two spoke steering wheels, you'll need to remove four screws on the back side of the steering wheel.  Then pull on the front cover, unplug the horn wire from the connecter, and set the center section aside.

  4. Loosen Steering Wheel Retaining Nut
    With a 21mm socket, you'll want to loosen the retaining nut that is holding the steering wheel on the column.  Back it off until it is approximately flush with the end of the bolt.  Leaving the nut on the end of the bolt will prevent steering wheel from hitting you in the face when using the brut force method.

  5. Pull the Steering Wheel
    You can try and give a firm tug on the steering wheel to pull it off the column.  However, if the steering wheel has never been removed before, it's probably going to require a gear puller or steering wheel puller.B2600i Steering Wheel Removal  In this example, we'll be using a 3 arm gear puller.

    On this three spoke steering wheel, I like to protect the painted metal spokes from scratches by applying some tape.  Next, you'll probably need a short socket extension between two and four inches depending on the length of your puller.  Position the socket and extension on the nut, then maneuver the wheel puller over the extension.  

    Note: Make sure that the socket is resting on the nut and is not bottoming out on the steering wheel backing plate. If it is, then you'll need to loosen then nut some more or use a shallower socket. If not, the puller will be pulling the wheel against itself and you'll end up bending the steering wheel spoke hub.

    Close the arms of the puller behind the taped section of the spoke hub and then tighten the center bolt down onto the extension.

    Mazda B2600i Steering Wheel Removal

    Now crank the puller center bolt down with a ratchet or wrench to pull the wheel. Expect a loud "POP!" Once it releases, remove the puller, remove the nut, and then remove the steering wheel.



Reinstalling the Steering Wheel

Installation will be quicker and simpler since you won't be using the puller.


  1. Align the Turn Signal Cancel Pins
    Before you install the steering wheel, you'll need to make sure that the turn signal cancel pins are aligned in the same position that steering wheel will be installed. If you removed the wheel with the steering wheel pointed straight, set the two pins in the vertical position; one pointed at 12 o'clock, and the other at 6 o'clock. If the steering wheel was removed pointed to the left or right, then you'll need position the pins to the corresponding position.

  1. Quick Lube
    Before you install the wheel, a dab of lithium grease on the splines will make the wheel easier to remove the next time you need to pull it. Chances are, you won't need the puller next time!

  2. Install the Wheel
    Now install the wheel on the column in the same position it was removed. Ease it on gently in case the turn signal cancel pins are not perfectly aligned.  You may need to to reach behind the steering wheel and nudge the pins to get them aligned.  Make sure the steering wheel is fully seated.  Now installed the retaining nut and torque to the manual specifications.

  3. Reinstall Cover
    Simply push the cover back on in this example. For the other style steering wheel covers, reconnect horn wire and then fasten the cover on using the screws that were removed earlier from the back side.


  4. Restore the Power
    Reinstall the fuse or connect the battery cable if either was disconnected. Check the horn!