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B2600i Distributor Connector Plug Repair Pigtail

B2600i & B2200 efi Distributor Connectors
We have just added the B2600i & B2200 efi replacement distributor connectors to our parts inventory.  These are OEM connectors that have been assembled in the USA with premium hi-temp fuel & oil resistant wiring.  If your connector is cracked or the wiring is broken, this repair connector will restore a reliable signal to your ECM.

Mazda B2600i ECMs, G618-18-881, G630-18-881
Engine Control Modules

ECMs for the 1990 through 1993 model B2600i are the heart of our business.  Having driven a B2600i for nearly twenty years, and purchasing several used ECMs over the years (some worked, some didn't,) we determined that there was a need for a reliable source of professionally remanufactured & truck tested ECMs.

B2600i Parts

Whenever we can find a few parts that we can buy low and sell almost as low, we'll add them to the site.  These are generally used parts, but occasionally new old stock, and dealer closeout.  We also plan to offer some "Eye Candy" powder coated items like valve covers to dress up your classic B.

Mazda Truck Repair Manual Information
Maintenance & Tips

You will also find many of the maintenance procedures for common repairs along with wiring diagrams, illustrations,  and specifications.

Mazda Truck First Aid

Rescue Kit

When troubleshooting can't isolate a tricky problem, the only thing left to do is try some parts - in this case, rental parts.  We plan to offer all of the primary components of B2600i fuel injection system - like mass airflow sensors, throttle position sensors, and ignition coils/modules.  In addition to parts, we'll also offer a diagnostic wiring harness for the B2600i as well as other tools that will be helpful for all of the models of Mazda trucks like compression testers, exhaust backpressure testers, volt/ohm meters, and more.

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